In some parts of America, you will only be able to drive as fast as the moose directly in front of you as one lady learned a few mornings ago.

Imagine this big guy suddenly merging into traffic in front of you.

The lady's description of this encounter is plain, simple and to the point:

Just another drive down the mountain during rutting season.

Ah, yes. Rutting season. She also mentioned that this bull moose has been looking for love in her neighborhood, but the moose cows are trying to avoid him. I wonder why?

Because of this, I started wondering how fast can moose really run if they're on a highway? The answer according to National Geographic is 35 miles an hour if they're sprinting while it's 20 mph if they're trotting for a long distance.

This lady got a little closer than I would have to this bull moose. Considering that he's probably a bit uptight about finding a girl moose, I'd hate for him to take a dislike to me and/or my vehicle. Fortunately, he safely makes a right turn off of the highway eventually although he sadly didn't use his turn signal.

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