You're not alone if you think a big wolf would have an advantage over an elk. It didn't work out that way for one black wolf that learned who's boss from a cow.

According to the YouTube description, this happened near Sunlight Basin, Wyoming. The person who captured the video said that the wolf had been pursuing the elk when the cow decided she had enough. The chaser became the chased and the wolf wisely decided it wasn't worth the fight and hightailed it out of there.

I was amused by the fact that even when the wolf took off, the elk cow didn't relent. The wolf got schooled. If it had been a pack instead of a lone wolf, might have ended different.

By the way, the Sunlight Basin area is one of the most gorgeous parts of Wyoming with the Absaroka Mountains nearby. There's even a tributary called "Elk Creek" which is amusing considering how the elk in that area are obviously in charge.

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