Don't be fooled by this latest round of global warming, folks. As you uncover the grill, get the hog out for its first new year's ride, and remember what it feels like to not wear a jacket, remember's gonna snow again. It's gonna snow hard, and it's gonna snow wet. It's gonna make you cuss. It's gonna kill those first blooms, knock down power lines, and test your nerve over how much you really love this state. One thing you'll still have to enjoy - sledding! Laugh in the face of this cruel joke of Mother Nature by racing down a hill on a streamlined piece of plastic! Torture never felt so good! To further ease your pain, we've provided a list of the best places to go fast and steep.

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    GRIFFIN'S HILL, Midwest

    I can't go off about the best sledding in Casper without first giving a nod to my favorite run from my childhood out in Midwest. That would be Griffin's Hill, right behind "ol' Griff's" house. Good sledding right there. It was a moderate to wild run that when iced properly, could give you enough speed to send you right into a mangled metal-laden ditch if you didn't have your turning down. If you were crazy you could take the shortcut from the top of Griffin's, which descended like a waterfall and would sent you straight into another scrap heap. If you look at the picture, you might be able to tell that the old hill looks more like a cattle trail now with the evidence all over it. I had hoped I wouldn't miss this big snowfall. Unfortunately, when you have to sled on snow atop mud, it doesn't last very long. There's a better picture with me at the bottom. I managed to get a shot of another favorite old run, not far from Griffin's, too. This one looks like it's shrunk over the years. I remember it being far more menacing.

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    EASTRIDGE MAUL, the deadliest sledding hill no one's allowed to go down

    This came as sudden news to me and blew harder than the Wyoming wind. I guess we're not allowed to sled down the the best hill C-Town has to offer. I can still tell you about it though. It's right in of front of Eastridge Mall when traveling east on 2nd. For years, it provided our youth with the height of sledding thrills and adrenaline rushes that had to be felt to be believed. It was, and still is a giant slope. Maybe it's seen one too many accidents, or maybe the new mall owners are curmudgeonly old scrooges that don't want us kids to be able to have a good winter's time. I'll never really know or care enough to take the time to find out. Still, from what appeared to be recently-left lesions in the snow, suggests that someone still has the correct pass. I was willing to get arrested for the chance to sail over 2nd into the car wash, but Honey, who was doing the chauffeuring and photographic proof, was having none of that (even though I promised her that my bail would be small and she could pretend to not know me). She didn't even trust me enough to stop and just let me look at it! She stays home next time. So, sled this one at your own risk. This ride might not be worth it. I felt it still deserved mention on my list.

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    I know what you're probably thinking at this point:"Is there a place on this list where we CAN actually sled. Here ya go! Another cool place for some serious sledding can be found in Fun Valley Park, located at 21st & Kelly Drive, and it really is a fun little valley. Make your way to the top and you'll zoom your way to the adjacent side of the park in record time. I watched a kid narrowly miss sailing his sled over the sidewalk at the far end and into the street. I had to try this one for myself! The hill itself is at such an angle, that the wind hits it, packs it and allows for easy freezing. The result is a lot more runs than you might expect from this neighborhood fave. My run was fast and seemed to last a long time. The slickness made it hard to keep my nose (sled) straight. Nevertheless, it made me grin from ear to ear and produced just the right amount of tickle in my belly.

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    Okay, I don't know if that's the actual name of this devil-enticing slope, but I think it says a lot about what you might expect from this run...if you live! Fortunately, I think there's plenty of barbed wire fencing to provide sufficient drag before you take flight and land somewhere on northbound Paradise Drive. I saw no one sledding here. In fact it probably makes a safer climb for a 4-wheeler in the summer than a descent for a sledder in winter. I wouldn't even try it...and I'm crazy. I kind of felt obligated to include it due to general lack of sledding opportunities on the west side of town. This probably won't help much. The hill is a monster.

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    This is a fantastic way to spend your sledding day. Casper Mountain has seen its share of good "tubin'" hills over the years and this one is no exception. Head up the mountain as if you're going to Beartrap Meadow. Before you hit the fuel depot on your left, you'll probably see a bunch of cars in a small but groomed area of parking spots. Then look up. Whoa! Not counting that heart attack in PV, this is the biggest run there is. I had to try it! I found out that this was not only a blast coming down on, but it was quite the workout going up. Remember this is a mountain. You can literally sink to your thighs in some spots. Best to try to walk in another's tracks. Humongo slope! It's well packed and fast with a small element of danger in that you might be able to actually maneuver under a pine fence and through the doggy door of the nearest house. This hill is popular, so there's also a lot of traffic (people) to be mindful of. Always make sure your path is clear before you take off. You will have a great time sledding here! Just make sure to prepare for a day on the mountain and give yourself plenty of time to enjoy.

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    Pound for pound, ounce for ounce, snowflake for snowflake...this one is my favorite. You'll find it on the southwestern slope of Washington park right behind a picnic canopy. Actually this is the steepest, yet not the longest of three separate runs all to be found on this same hill. Sled this first challenge for a speedy thrill ride all the way to the bottom and the possibility of continuing on for a few more blocks on the connecting street. Walk to your left a few feet and enjoy a moderate but quick run in the opposing direction. Walk almost to the back edge of the park for some excitement that's less steep but longer. It's perfect for sharing a sled and enjoying the ride with a young one. There are also a few bumps that allow you to catch some air on the way down. That's always good.

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