Hurricane Florence is close to an impact with the East Coast. We know it is impossible for Wyoming to get a hurricane, but we wondered what that size of a storm would look like in the Cowboys State.

Global News wrote about the massive size and power of this storm. It is over 400 miles long. It is a class C storm with a consistent wind speed of 130 miles per hour. In Wyoming, it is not uncommon to have gusts near or over 100mph, but it is the size of this storm that is mind-boggling.

If we look at just distance (as the crow flies,) we can get some interesting perspectives on how large this storm is. Remember, hurricane Florence is over 400 miles wide. So if we were in Casper, we would have to get to Twin Falls, ID, to avoid the storm.

  • Casper to Denver is 226 Miles
  • Casper to Billings is 230 Miles
  • Casper to Salt Lake City is 321 Miles
  • Casper to Twin Falls is 414 Miles
  • Casper to Lincoln, NE is 515 Miles
  • Casper to Las Vegas is 659 Miles

NOTE: This image is our best guess in regards to size. The shape of the hurricane changes consistently. Plus the distortions when using flat images of a globe will distort the perspective. What we are trying to say, is this is for entertainment purposes only. You can see other maps comparing hurricane Florence here.

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