It took us two weeks, but my family finally made a trip up Casper Mountain and this is what we learned.

If you're a veteran to this area, you might wonder what there is to be "learned" by going up Casper Mountain. But, for a newbie in the area, the struggle is real. Here are some things I didn't fully understand until I went up Casper Mountain:

Some of the turns are tough in a family vehicle

When I was young, I had a Firebird. Now that I have a large family, my vehicle would make Clark Griswold proud. Some of the turns going up (and down) Casper Mountain were a challenge for the Holliday family truckster.

The trees sure are pretty

My wife really loves the variety of trees on Casper Mountain. I shared 3 of the tree pictures she took while we were up there. There are at least another 900 if you'd like to see more.

Some of the homes on Casper Mountain are epic

I have seen what property goes for on Casper Mountain. After seeing some of the homes built on the mountain, I can understand why. I would have gotten a closer look, but some appeared to have electrical shock fences around the perimeter. I may have even spotted a cannon.

The parking lot at Hogadon Ski Area is hard on tires when there's no snow

My Clark Griswold approved family vehicle did not fare well on the dirt parking lot as we tried to check out the ski resort. If the moguls on the actual hills are that rough, I'm in big time trouble.

Our family is having a great time experiencing Casper. It's easy to become jaded about how awesome this area is when you've seen it every day for 20 years. For a new resident like me and my family, we can't take it all in fast enough.

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