Are you a Wyoming fashionista? With spring on its way we gathered an assortment of garments that you would find at a Wyoming spring fashion show. It may not be elegant, but it is likely to be seen on the streets of the Cowboy State.

  • Fishing Waders

    It is time to put away the auger, and grab the insulated fishing waders for some of Wyoming’s world class fishing.

    Frogg Toggs via Amazon
  • Zip Up Hoodie

    The ice has melted, but it is not hot outside. People in the know always have an extra hoodie or jacket available at any time.

    Hanes via Amazon
  • Hunting Orange

    Hats, vests, or shirts tis the season for hunting orange. Until you have reached your bag limit, you will be sporting this classic look.

    Outdoor Cap via Amazon
  • Life Jacket

    Although not always worn, the essential Wyoming attire can save your life. It is a common dockside attire for both the young and old.

    Stearns via Amazon
  • Windbreaker

    The change in season means wind. As outsiders head for the tornado shelters, most Wyomingites call it Tuesday. It is also good to have a hood for protection from rain.

    Somewhere via Amazon
  • UW Cowboys T-shirt

    GO POKES! You are just not Wyoming until you have a least one UW Cowboys shirt. With Steamboat and the brown and gold, this is a must for the season.

    CI Sport via Amazon
  • Camouflage Anything

    This classic look appeals to both men and women with the desire to blend in. From cargo pants to tank tops this quintessential Wyoming look is sure to adore many this spring season.

    Meilaier via Amazon