Living in rural Wyoming I spend a lot of time on two-lane highways and dirt roads.

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While I have a mom-mobile that I drive when I have all five of my kids with me, I can often be found rattling around in my rusty old truck that's missing a tailgate.

I've noticed that when I'm on the road during daylight hours 7/10 times I pass another truck the driver waves to me.

I normally pop up two fingers as a response, or if it's someone I know I do the big "hey there neighbor".

I never put much thought into this practice, other than to smile at the ritual and think yet again about how much I love living in Wyoming.

Then, I came across a video on RFD-TV's Facebook page that forced me to pause and rethink the whole situation.

Apparently, there are multiple ways to wave at a neighbor or friend as you drive by.

But, is there one RIGHT way?

Or are they ALL okay?

Take a look at the video and let me know what wave is the RIGHT way to wave in Wyoming.

So, what are your thoughts?

I was pleased to see my standard two-finger hello was on there, and so was the enthusiastic "hey I know you" wave.

But, what about the point, or the two fingers and a thumb wave?

And the single finger wave (no not THAT finger) that a thing around here?

We took this question to Facebook and it looks like the two-finger wave is the RIGHT way...unless it's someone you don't like, then it's one finger...


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