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Here are today's Redneck Headlines:
#1 - Hit Below The Belt
#2 - Try, Try Again... and Again... 
#3 - When Fish Attack

Hit Below The Belt

Something really didn't click for a Florida woman who didn't appreciate being pulled over for not wearing a seat belt – and called 911 to complain about it.

The officer who spotted Freda Johnson tooling down the road without buckling up was preparing a citation when he walked back to the driver's side window to find her on her cell phone. Before he could ask who she was talking to, he got a message over his radio saying that she'd called a dispatcher to complain about the stop.

So instead of a simple ticket, Johnson was taken to jail on charges of misusing 911. (South Florida Sun Sentinel)


Try, Try Again... and Again... 

A New York woman who lost her job over sexual harassment allegations thought it would be a good idea to send her resume to the same company – 524 times!

Ling Chan, who was given the boot after obsessively calling, e-mailing and stalking a colleague, must have really liked her place of business, since she applied for more than 80 different jobs over the course of a year-and-a-half – using 11 different e-mail accounts and more than a hundred aliases.

When she didn't get any callbacks, Chan tried another method of winning over bosses – by signing them up for pornographic magazine subscriptions and gay meet-up services. She also threatened to push one upper-management type in front of a bus.

Chan has been barred from contacting anyone at the company or accessing any of its facilities. (New York Post)


When Fish Attack

Swedish health officials are warning men to keep their swimwear on while swimming in certain waters where aggressive piranha have been found.

The pacu fish species are normally found in warmer climates, but somehow made their way up to Sweden.

In general, they’re not dangerous to people, but they do bite hard and have been known to attack men’s junk underwater.

In fact, in other parts of the world, the fish are known as “ball cutters.”

Knowing this, it might not be a bad idea for guys to just find another place to go swimming. (