Not only do we know which city experiences the most theft, we know which car thieves are targeting.

With the holiday season here, more thieves will be testing those door handles. People are out shopping for Christmas and there are people who are looking to take those precious treasures out of a car, or just take the car itself. Of course, auto theft happens at any time during the year, but it seems like it picks up during the holidays.

Recently, 24/7 Wall Street analyzed data from the National Insurance Crime Bureau to find which cities your car is most likely to be stolen in for every state.

We're looking at you, Cheyenne. Yep. As it turns out Cheyenne has the highest vehicle theft rate in the entire state of Wyoming at 223.7 per 100,000 residents. Last year, Cheyenne saw 220 stolen cars. And the car thieves were most likely to take for a joy ride? The full-size Chevy pickup.

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