Wyoming is full of amazing animals and most that live in the Cowboy State enjoy eating at least one or two.  But we wanted to find out your favorite?  

I recently ran across a listing of the best things to eat in every state, posted by Delish.com.

I was extremely curious to find out, so I patiently clicked through all 50 states to get to Wyoming.  Low and behold, I discovered what I already knew... The best thing to eat in Wyoming is Wild Game Meat!  Elk, Deer, Bison steaks, you can't go wrong eating what mother nature provides for us here in the Cowboy State.

For me, each animal has a special place on the dinner table.  But what about you?  We asked you, which Wyoming animal is your favorite to enjoy as part of a meal and here are the results.

47% of people taking our survey prefer ELK to any other animal.

29% prefer Buffalo/Bison

9% love Deer best

9% chose Moose as their favorite

With Antelope and Duck/Goose lovers coming in at just over 3% each.

These results now have my mouth watering, so I think I'm gonna take an Elk roast out of the freezer for a BBQ this weekend!

There is still time to make your opinion known, just answer our poll question below.



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