A woman who reportedly refused to leave the Casper Motel 6 after checkout time was arrested Tuesday afternoon after police allegedly found a bag of syringes and about a dozen baggies containing suspected methamphetamine residue.

Sasha Rae Zwetzig, 27, was booked on a possession charge.

Casper police officers went to Motel 6 at about 2 p.m. for a report of a guest that was refusing to leave after checkout time. Court documents say the manager said Zwetzig was asked several times to leave after a noon checkout, but she evidently argued with staff and wouldn't leave.

Officers went up to Zwetzig's room and found the door wide open. Zwetzig was reportedly trying to get her bags and luggage out of the room.

She reportedly let officers into the room and indicated that her friends had abandoned her, so she she was trying to get all their belongings and leave.

Zwetzig also indicated that her boyfriend had been arrested the night before and she was trying to get to his court appearance.

According to the affidavit, officers saw Zwetzig casually scrape small debris from a table and toss it into the trash. When officers asked her about it, Zwetzig reportedly said it appeared to be marijuana and may have been from her roommates from the night before.

Court documents say one officer had been informed previously that Zwetzig was possibly involved in ongoing drug investigations. The officer asked Zwetzig about drug use, and she allegedly indicated that she was addicted to methamphetamine, saying she'd been sober for about two weeks.

Zwetzig reportedly let officers look through her belongings. They allegedly found a bag of syringes, 11 baggies with methamphetamine residue inside and a baggie containing several pills of Tramadol.

Court documents say Zwetzig told officers the baggies were not hers. She reportedly would not let officers look through some of the luggage, saying they didn't belong to her and she didn't feel right giving consent.

Officers helped Zwetzig take all the bags to her vehicle. Zwetzig reportedly produced a jewelry box that contained a film canister and told officers that's where the baggies of methamphetamine came from. An officer opened the canister and allegedly found one more baggie with a sim card inside.

Zwetzig reportedly said the sim card was hers, but someone else put the other baggies in there and gave them to her to hold.

Officers reportedly put Zwetzig's belongings into the vehicle and secured it before taking Zwetzig to jail.