While reading the internet top to bottom yesterday I came across something that surprised me, an article on the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) News website talking about Wyoming.

More specifically talking about Wyoming's Dinosaurs.

In case you were unaware, Wyoming has been a hotspot for dinosaur fossils since the 1870s.

We are among only 3 other states (Montana, Colorado, and Utah) that produce the most dinosaur fossils in the world.

So why are we in the world news now?

A brand new exhibit just opened up in the Children's Museum of Indianapolis and it features two dinosaurs that were found in Wyoming.

The dig was located on one square mile of ranch land in the Big Horn basin that was found to have contained deposits from the Jurassic Period.

The dinosaur dig was led by British paleontologist Phil Manning and "only" took three years.

According to Manning, the "Jurassic Mile" site is so rich in fossils that “There's probably enough dinosaur material here to keep a thousand paleontologists happy for a thousand years."

Experts are saying that this site may be one of the world's most productive fossil sites.

But back to the two dinosaurs that are now in the Children's Museum of Indianapolis...

The "Dinosphere" exhibit features two massive four-legged, long-necked, plant-eating sauropods. The analysis is still ongoing, but they're almost certainly a new Diplodocid species, which is more exciting news for dinosaur lovers.

Of particular interest is the way that the two skeletons are displayed.

One is on all fours and the other dinosaur is rearing up. While it makes sense that the plant-eating dinosaurs can do this, I've never actually seen a skeleton in that pose.

There've been multiple studies that have looked at the rearing of sauropod dinosaurs, explained Prof Manning.

These animals would have done it probably either as a defence posture or to reach higher branches for higher browsing...

From the sound of it, this is the first of many times that Wyoming's "Jurassic Mile" will be in the world news. I personally can't wait to see what new dinosaur species are discovered as they do more digging at this site.

For more information, you can find the full BBC article here.

You can take a closer look at our Wyoming dinosaurs at the Children's Museum of Indianapolis in the video below, and you can even see Prof Manning talking about them.

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