It's amazing how many goodhearted people there are in Wyoming. There's a new video from a guy who's out of work showing what one good Samaritan did for him as soon as he crossed the state line.

Kiko Estrada shared this video on YouTube showing what a guy named Clint did for him as soon as he arrived in Wyoming. NOTE: Kiko's language near the end is a bit NSFW.

You can tell that Kiko is a bit overwhelmed by the kindness of Clint. He's out of work and out of money and this Wyomingite does this. He bought bags full of groceries including hot meals and even food for Kiko's dogs. This happens right after Kiko enters Wyoming. Think about that for a second. His first impression of Wyoming is a stranger's kindness.

I would argue that nothing represents Wyoming better than this. NOTHING.

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