Peter Rork, is a retired orthopedic surgeon based in Jackson, Wyoming who uses his pilot license and plane to fly rescue dogs to their forever homes.

Upon the sudden death of his wife in 2012 Rork was left struggling to cope with his grief.

He knew that his wife would want him to lead a life full of joy and after some thought, he developed "Dog Is My Copilot" a charity based out of Wyoming that helps dogs all over the nation.

The mission of Dog Is My Copilot (DIMC) is simple, to connect dogs in a need of a home with families, and to reduce the needless deaths of thousands of dogs through euthanasia.

DIMC transports at-risk animals from overcrowded shelters to adoption centers in other geographic regions where loving families are waiting to adopt the animals.

To date, DIMC has saved over 15,500 dogs.

It's a complicated process to fly animals and DIMC flies as many animals as possible in a single flight to maximize efficiency. They don't charge for the transport services, but the cost DOES average out to be around $50 per animal.

DIMC relies on donations from individuals and businesses as well as grants to cover the costs of the services it offers.

You can learn more about Dog Is My Copilot and it's founder Peter Rork by watching this video.

Isn't it wonderful to see someone from Wyoming putting so much good into the world?

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