Have you ever found something on the internet that says something that you thought would be the opposite? That was my reaction when I found a map showing Wyoming was among the states with the least amount of venomous animals.

This graphic was shared on Reddit not that long ago showing that Wyoming is grouped along with several other states as not being populated by many gnarly varmints.

Venomous animals in the United States from r/MapPorn

Interesting. It shows Wyoming with under 5 venomous creatures. I wonder if the person that made this map ever saw the video of the Wyoming person that filmed what it's like inside a rattlesnake den?

We also shared a local poll which showed that around 90% of Casper residents have encountered a Black Widow. They are poisonous after all.

I don't doubt that this map is accurate. It's probably true that Wyoming along with several other northern states don't have a large number of venomous creatures. But, I would argue that the ones we do have that are poisonous are whoppers.

There's probably no way to count this, but I would like to see a map that shows how many rattlesnakes and Black Widow spiders are in each state. If it was accurate, Wyoming would likely top them all or at least be close.

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