Everyone here in Wyoming is never shocked when a blizzard hits town. I'll be the first to admit that here recently our "blizzards" have not measured up to the cowboy state standard. So yes, I did have to go dig around and find one of the biggest snowstorms that we have had in Wyoming.

Not only was there snow upon snow and ice leave it up to Wyoming to put the cherry on top with some massive wind gusts the entire time. Blocking off natural light to many homes and businesses in Lander. With how far we have come with electricity and propane heating, I think that we would be okay for a while and probably not have to turn to such desperate measures and burning our material possessions!

I think we can all be happy with the mild-mannered winter that we have had this far and be happy that we can still leave our houses and enjoy our home state. If you don't believe me, feel free to check out this super old video from that 1940's storm.

Let's just be happy that the sun is shining and we can get out of our driveways.

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