We are big Ian Munsick fans. Not only is he a Wyoming boy (Sheridan) but he is talented and so fun to be with.

During our interview with him in June, he took the time to play his original song "Horses Are Faster" and it seems we aren't the only ones that love this song.

Montana teen Bryel Link was involved in a horse wreck several weeks ago that resulted in her being put in a coma.

Her family reached out to Ian's father (also a musician) and asked if he would come and play Ian's song for Bryel. It was the last song she was listening to before her tragic accident.

Ian's father happily obliged, and in a statement from him shared by Ian in his Instagram stories, he shared

Getting out my guitar and relieved to have a friend in my hands, I started to tune in and drift myself into the place I needed to go...As I sang I saw faces from my past...As I walked by the bed, the father urged me to give my finger to his daughter lifeless hand. As I did so I felt a squeeze, and then another.

Ian's father heard later from the family that the girl had woken up from her coma right after he left.

Does anyone else have chills?

Recently, Ian's father went back to visit Bryel and played his son's song for her again.

We couldn't help but shed a tear when we saw this, especially when we saw one of her family members in the corner wiping away hers.

We couldn't agree with Ian's comment more "Music is medicine."

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