The internet is claiming that Cheyenne is one of the top 10 markets in America for housing markets that are growing and stable. Time to get a Uhaul?

This comes courtesy of Yahoo Finance that listed the top 10 housing markets in the country. Curiously, they share a video about this from Fox Business. Hmm.

It's not just Cheyenne that gets the housing recommendation as the entire region of southeastern Wyoming and northern Colorado cities made this top 10 list. Fort Collins and the Denver suburbs also get high recommendations.

If you've looked at homes for sale in Cheyenne, you'll notice the price for a decent sized home seems pretty high. A couple years ago, my family considered Cheyenne and couldn't find much that was decent that didn't require me to become an investment banker.

It's always good to see our western part of America getting positive news, so I'll take it like that.

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