I have to confess that the waterfalls in Yellowstone National Park confuse me. There's new jaw-dropping video that's been shared somewhat recently from one of the gorgeous falls in the park although I'm not 100% sure which.

This guy's GoPro video from October of last year shows what I'm pretty sure is the lower falls in Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

I owe a debt of gratitude to Yellowstone National Park Trips for clarifying what waterfalls are what. This guy's video shows what I consider to be the "postcard" waterfall in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. It's the Lower Falls which I mistook for the Upper Falls last time my family visited the park. It even resulted in me parking in the wrong area to try to walk to the viewpoint that this guy used.

I'm more than happy to accept blame for being a bad navigator, but the National Park Service didn't help my cause much. Take a look and see if you can tell what waterfall is which in Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

For reference, this is the Upper Falls which doesn't get as much press since the drop-off isn't as dramatic as the Lower Falls.

The third waterfall that is considered part of Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone is Crystal Falls which rarely gets shared on video.

Along with sharing the most recent crazy cool video of the Lower Falls is that Yellowstone needs to do a better job of explaining what waterfalls are which and/or I need to do a better job of paying attention.

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