June of 2022 will go down as the month with some of the most devastating flooding in Yellowstone National Parks history.

A year after setting records for some of the largest tourist numbers to ever visit the park, the numbers took a big hit compared to last years numbers. From the time the park opened until July 2021, Yellowstone saw 2,668,765 visitors, this year 1,864,771. This year the park was closed from June 13-June 21 and only 3 entrances opened June 22, cutting the number drastically.

The good news is crews busted their butts and were able to get the roads into Montana opened and ready for the winter months. For the first time since June 13th, all 5 entrances to the park are open and the roads are good.

The timing of the opening is perfect, the roads to all of the southern entrances will be closed on November 1st. The roads between the North Entrance and Northeast Entrance will be the only roads open to the park.

December 15th will be the next time entrances open, but to snowmobile and snowcoach.

For those interested in spending Halloween in Yellowstone, all entrance fees to the parks are being waived for today.

Yellowstone Tours YouTube Channel received a video from a park visitor that highlighted how great the new roads look. The roads between Mammoth and Gardiner, Montana has been completely reconstructed and is now paved. The previous road was dirt and gravel, but now with hard work by so many, it's smooth sailing when you visit the park this winter.

Check out what the brand new road looks like now that it's not gravel and dirt.

If you're from Wyoming, have you ever been to Yellowstone?

We were honestly curious to hear the reasons why Wyomingites (who are naturally living only a few hours away from Yellowstone) hadn't ever visited this World Famous Park.

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