This is truly a Throwback Thursday kind of thing. I've discovered a 57 year old propaganda film by Standard Oil about vacationing in Wyoming and other American destinations.

Periscope Films seems to specialize in cataloging vintage home movies and documentaries.  This one is particularly special since it was produced by Standard Oil Company back in the early 1950's. It seems like the main theme of this is their desire for families to burn that precious petrol and go on a long vacation around America.

While this vintage film begins in the Midwest, it's not long before they venture to the following Wyoming locations:

The Old Faithful part in particular made me laugh because the narrator turned the camera away from the legendary geyser to all the fine automobiles in the parking lot (full of Standard Oil, by the way).

You can't blame Standard Oil for trying. It was in their best interest for American families to go on long vacations filled with their gasoline. Classic.

Love these completely retro videos that show a different era in our part of America.

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