Extreme bullfighting is coming to Casper this weekend and we had the chance to talk with Bailey Ziehl about what to expect.

Bailey is a local guy who grew up in Casper and graduated from Natrona County High School in 2015. He is also a former Evansville firefighter who is now attending Bible college. He will be one of the competitors for Extreme Bullfighting that will happen at the Casper Events Center Saturday night, October 12.

We asked Bailey about how his road led to becoming an extreme bullfighter.

Bailey Ziehl: "Well, actually it was the extreme bullfighting that led me to Bible school. I saw an opportunity to minister to a culture that needs people to understand and speak their language."

What is extreme bullfighting like for you?

Bailey Ziehl: "So, it'll be 40 seconds...minimum time...which is when you'll see the guys running around the bull's head and then you'll see some fakes where they'll lead the bull in one direction...they can fake the bull to the barrel...It's about a minute to 45 seconds of pure adrenaline...man vs beast."

What about injuries? Have you experienced any?

Bailey Ziehl: "I've had a few cuts and bruises...I haven't had to deal with any broken bones...the Lord's blessed me with that."

What will Saturday night's event be like at the Casper Events Center?

Bailey Ziehl: "It's gonna be a big ole production. You guys will definitely not be disappointed. There's gonna be fireworks and it's gonna be all adrenaline and we're gonna lay it all out on the line."

If you want to see Bailey and the other cowboys compete, you can get all the event info from the Casper Events Center website.

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