There are so many things that we miss as we enter month two of the COVID-19 induced quarantine.

Lot's of things that we took for granted, like hugging a friend, traveling out of town, and going to a country music concert, are no longer safe for us to do.

As the weeks stretch on it has become clear that many of our end of school year traditions like state track and High School graduation will no longer be happening.

The entire state of Wyoming (and many other states as well) are acknowledging this loss, and showing their support for High School grads and athletes with #BeTheLightWY.

Some High Schools are participating weekly, while other towns have chosen specific dates.

At 8:20 PM (20:20 military time) stadium lights are turned on and remain on for 20 minutes.

People are encouraged to park (while keeping a safe social distance) and enjoy the view and honk their horns twice to show support.

Cars passing by on the roads are encouraged to do the same.

I've seen pictures and videos from almost every High School in Wyoming and it's absolutely heartwarming to see our communities come together in such a wonderful way.

Scott Reed from Farson tweeted about how his small town showed up for their seniors and athletes.

Local High School Kelly Walsh took to Twitter to explain the purpose behind the #BeTheLightWY campaign.

My very own herders will be participating this Friday so I expect to hear those horns honking at 8:20 PM.

If you participate in #BeTheLightWY we'd love to see your pictures, so share them with us through the My Country Mobile App.

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