It is often easy to overlook the small things. I wanted to get a photo of a hawk or owl snatching up a mouse, but that didn’t happen. What I did find was a small token of the everyday at Edness Kimball Wilkins State Park.

I decided to take a walk to take pictures of birds or anything interesting. An afternoon storm was looming in the west and north. There was a bird feeding on worm while perching over the North Platte River. A group of birds (maybe some bats) were flying while feeding on insects 20-50 feet above the watter.

I had a chance encounter with a deer at several locations. It stared at me each time I saw it. Most likely out of fear and protection, but maybe it recognized me from a past life. If that was the case, “Hello Grandma. I hope the rabbits don’t eat all of your food.”

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