When I was a kid, taking our trash out consisted of me carrying the trash to the burning barrel and lighting it on fire.

That method of waste management is frowned upon, but since there are so many waste removal companies you really don't need to burn the trash.

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In Natrona County, burning your trash is highly frowned upon, by the Natrona County Fire Protection District. Unfortunately, there are areas of the county that don't have trash service and burning barrels are allowed. You don't have to have a permit, but you have to follow safety guidelines.

There are strict rules that need to be followed if you are in an area trash can be burned:

  • Barrel can be no larger that a 55 gallons and must be metal
  • The area 15 feet around the barrel must be free from combustible material and fuels that will feed the fire
  • A fire extinguisher or pressured hose must be present when burning
  • An adult no younger than 18 needs to be in attendance
  • No burning trash on days when the wind is higher than 15mph, red flag days or fire ban is in place
  • Natrona County Fire or Sheriff's Department representative can call for the fire to be extinguished if the fire is causing or could cause issues
  • You could be charged if the fire gets out of control and Fire Departments must respond.

You aren't allowed to burn trash in the city limits of many of Wyoming's cities/towns, but outside city limits is another story.

The best bet is to check with your county for exact details.

If you're in an area that allows burning and you'd like to reduce smoke, check out this smokeless burn barrel.

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