We all know that the last few days of sunshine and warm days will be here to stay for a bit, but likely will be replaced by a few days of cold and perhaps even frost at least a few more times before Summer is here to stay.

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So, as much as you may be tempted to spend the weekend planting your entire garden, local gardeners advise that you should wait a bit longer before planting most of your plants.

I came across a Farmer's Almanac Planting Calander for our area and noticed that it shared several plants that should be planted right now.

I reached out to my friend Michele who is a local Master Gardner and she said that there are definitely some plants that are okay to plant now.

Here's What You Should Plant The Weekend Of May 30th

Wyoming has a short and sometimes harsh growing season. Yes, there will be some frost and snow ahead, but there are a few plants that you should be getting into your garden this weekend.

Our local Master Gardener also advised that you wait until after June 1st to plant the more delicate vegetables like Tomatoes, Peppers, and Eggplants.

If you can, plant them in pots that can be moved into your garage or onto the patio if an unexpected frost or hail storm hits.

After all in Wyoming, there are never any guarantees on the weather.

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