Hey pards!  It's been a while since I've entertained you with one of my famous country music movie trailers from days gone by.  Guess what?  I'm putting that one off for a little while longer while I present you with a trailer from my very own movie!

Aren't you excited?  Didn't realized that I'd been immortalized in film long before those cool "Jackalope Jump" videos with Rick, huh?  The funny thing is that my biggest role (yeah, there's another one out there that we might get to) also would concern a jackalope.

Stagbunny is an independent feature-length film that I was very fortunate to be involved with.  Director and concept creator, Dustin Carpenter would film this epic in Casper, Douglas, Alcova,  and the surrounding areas in the Summer of 2006.  He would be joined by a very talented group of designers including Jennifer Quinn, Paul Aeschliman, Brendan Fallon, and Evan Fries.

I would be cast in this "mockumentary" as "Garvis Thurston, adventurer and documentarian.  The film would chronicle my search for the mythical jackalope and be paired alongside several first-hand accounts and theories into the creature's legend.

I starred along with several of our community's finest actors, rode a jackalope in the Casper parade that summer, attended a red-carpet premiere at our own America Theater and had an absolute blast.  Truly one of the most spectacular moments in my life.   It would also garner me a credit on the Internet Movie Data Base.  (which we actors love)

So sit back, grab the corn, and enjoy the trailer from Stagbunny.

Can you imagine Cowboy Troy as a movie star?

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