Here's a little something that I hope will become an annual piece on our website.  We've begun a new year, and I've been gazing into my crystal ball to see what we can expect in the months ahead.  So, without further ado, here are...

"Cowboy" Troy's Top 11 Country Music Predictions:



11)  Brooks and Dunn get back together

10)  Tim McGraw actually makes a good movie

 9)  Miley Cyrus enters rehab

 8)  Willie Nelson is pulled over for being a "good samaritan"

 7)  Trace Adkins finally displays his "soft" side--records a track for Disney

 6)  Workers clearing out a storage locker find a lost treasure trove of old Cledus T. Judd recordings

 5)  Eric Church and Lady Antebellum's, Dave Heywood, discover they're actually long-lost brothers

 4)  Taylor Swift records a song about no one in particular

 3)  Sugarland attempts to display a little more edginess; changes name to Saltland

 2)  Dolly Parton, in an attempt to stay relevant, releases a Country cover of  Willow Smith's "Whip My Hair"

 1)  New awards show--The Tostitos American National Countrified Academy Video Fan Awards...hosted by Reba (of course :))