The College National Finals Rodeo is just beginning its winning ride this week at the Casper Events Center. The action is sure to be fierce, the scores high, the stock ornery, and there's been a lot of talk behind the scenes that us spectators never get a chance to hear...until now.

So, just to keep you in the loop, here are:

Cowboy Troy's Top 11 Things Heard Behind The Chutes at the CNFR


11) The Beacon serves food, too?

10) Seems like just yesterday I was mutton bustin'.

9) I wish Chris Ledoux was here to see this.

8) See, I told ya you can't milk a bull!

7) I'm feeling a little horse today.

6) Gum really is better than chew!

5) Let'er Buck!

4) These nachos are way better than Cheyenne's.

3) Do these spurs make my legs look fat?

2) Don't make that clown mad, he'll kick your a%$!

1) I can't believe you scored with that!

Don't forget that nightly performances begin this evening, 7 pm, at the Casper Events Center. Make sure that you get up the hill for some highly competitive rodeo and a chance to show some support from the home town crowd.

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