The snow is falling, it's windy and cold. You don't want to go out and mess with clearing off the sidewalks...and in Casper, you don't have to. It's nice of you too, but you don't have to.

According to the City of Casper "Snow Removal FAQ"...the city 'Park and Division' takes care of City walks and pathways Monday - Friday 4a-4:30p. On the weekends and off hours, residents are encouraged to use caution when traveling down the not cleared sidewalks, pathways  and trails.

If you're cleaning off your own driveway or sidewalks and are pushing the snow into the streets and leaving it, you're violating City Municipal Code 12.24.030. Make sure you are taking care of the snow and not obstructing travel.

If you're wondering why your street isn't being cleaned off right away, the city maintains hundreds of miles of streets and have classified them as class A, B and C snow routes. A & B are the major roadways within the city that are maintained as much as possible. C routes have very little snow fighting services and are extremely expensive to maintain during snow. Deicing materials may be used on some C route areas, like intersections, hills or curves.

Casper does not use regular road salt or sand when Deicing the roadways, in an effort to protect the environment and water quality of the city. The city uses a product called Ice Slicer:

Ice Slicer’s natural brown color enables it to use the sun to provide additional melting power. It dissolves slowly and stays on roadways longer to help prevent freezing of new snow or ice so it is more effective over a longer period of time than ordinary salt. The product is also less corrosive to steel, is less harmful to roadside plants, and has less of an impact on the river.

If you keep hurting yourself while shoveling snow, techlife today has some great tips to take care of yourself while scooping!

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