Ggggrrrrrhhhh...from the "No Wonder Things Never Get Better" Department!  Again upon scouring the headlines, I came up with this little gem.  It looks like a terminated school superintendent in Philadelphia who recently accepted a buyout of $905,000, is also attempting to receive unemployment compensation.

You read right.  The taxpayers are about to take it coming and going all on account of Arlene Ackerman.

According to CBS News 3 in Philly, The School Reform Commission (irony?) determined that Ackerman, who was dismissed due to allegations of impropriety that include racial violence, a no-bid contract awarded to a minority firm, and a budget deficit that was swelling out of control, would be rewarded her full salary for the remainder of her five-year contract with the school district.  Plus the commission also decided not to contest any claims for unemployment, thus leaving that door wide open.   

Somehow I don't think that's going to help bring down that deficit.  I just hope the kids are learning something.

If all goes well for Arlene, she should be eligible for the state maximum $573 a week on top of her nearly $1,000,000 buyout.  

So far she's refused to comment and is letting her attorney do the talking.  Score!