If you've noticed there are some uniquely dressed individuals at one of Casper's big intersections today, this is why. The Bloodstained Men are in town holding signs with a message.

I spoke with Harry Guiremand who is one of the group. He and several other members have been holding signs at the intersection of 2nd Street and Wyoming Boulevard today. He represents the Bloodstained Men.

Harry Guiremand: "We're the Bloodstained Men and their friends. We're a non-profit organization dedicated to educating people about the harm of infant circumcision. The problem with infant circumcision is that it's unnecessary, painful, traumatic and permanently injurious to a non-consenting minor."

I asked them what they're trying to accomplish in Casper.

Harry Guiremand: "Here in Casper, we're a part of a 20-cities tour right now through the mountain states...we're educating people to leave their sons intact, find out about the harm of infant circumcision and protect their boys from unnecessary surgery."

The Bloodstained Men have more information about what they're all about on their website and why they're opposed to infant circumcision.

If you do a Google search, you'll find a Mayo Clinic story based on the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation for why they believe that infant circumcision is a healthy practice.

If you check out the Bloodstained Men store, you'll see they have products coming soon. If you fancy yourself a pair of white pants with strategic red stains, perhaps this will be where you can find some soon.

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