Hey Diary!

It's almost here, and it looks like we're just about ready. I'll be honest. It seems quite surreal when I think about how close Honey and I are to seriously, tangibly, and legally becoming man and wife. I'm 120 short hours away from the best day of my life!

When I first signed up for this, I don't know if I truly realized what I was getting into. It's easy to watch others go through the motions and form opinions. I knew it would probably involve at least some minor stress at varying levels. How can it not? There's the tons of decisions that have to be squeezed in, and the trust that has to be put into so many people, including strangers. It's enough to make the sanest among us a little crazy.

Now here I am.


I've done quite a bit of introspection, and spent time talking with you to get my feelings out. And the more I think about it, the more I know I'm ready. It is time! I have found my angel, and my best friend after searching for her at great lengths, sometimes rather relentlessly...and it has made all this seem like child's play.

My engagement is where my new journey began. Each mutual decision since, made in the best interest of us as a couple, has only strengthened the bond. I hope that my marriage becomes a symbol and epitomizes what that bond truly means.


I pray that I keep challenging myself, daily, to be the best husband I can be. I pray I never get tired of saying the words I love you several times a day, or attempting to make her laugh and show off the most beautiful smile I have ever laid eyes on. I pray that we always feel the need to share a goodnight kiss. I pray she never grows tired of me. I pray that I continue to grow, mature, and eagerly attempt to serve a purpose that is greater than just my own. I pray that I'm everything that I would want in a spouse and father. I pray that I never stop praying.  


Wow! I think that's just about a wrap. No more $#@&*!% wedding planning! Next time we talk I probably won't be a groom-to-be, unless there happens to be a BIG emergency.

This has been a great exercise and it kind of saddens me to know that like most everything else in this life, I will have to put it behind me and move forward. You know I've never been big on change...until now. :)

Catch you on the flip!