Many a Wyomingite who's strayed south down I-25 to Colorado has had to make a hasty exit down Centennial way, after the blue and yellow beckoning of the giant triangular beacon marking the shopping mecca of...IKEA. (Or, at least the ones that are in the car with my wife.)

And like me, if you've thrown things and cursed their very name during assembly of their "simple" furniture you've schlepped over state lines - wondering silently if there's a bunch of evil Swede engineers somewhere laughing at you - it's ok. They're really not evil. But, they did shut down I-25 for two hours.

According to 9News, while our neighbors in Colorado were getting a little of that Wyoming-style high speed wind love on February 18 - an employee noticed something amiss with the large IKEA sign that towers over the interstate. The 25-40 mile an hour winds (I'll beat you to it: " call THAT wind?") began to shake loose some of the huge panels. As a precaution, I-25 and a couple of the light rail lines closed temporarily while crews went to work securing the sign.

(Still no word on if crews were sent up with terrible Swedish instruction sheets on how to put the sign back together. I kid, I kid...)

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