I would say that you might want to sit down for this, but even I'm not quite that cheesy. It is true though that I've found what may be the most awesome Wyoming folding chair ever.

I saw this bad boy shared by Insider. Behold the Chaheati MAXX heated folding chair. Try not to drool.


According to the Chaheati website, it has a drink holder on the arm rest and even a USB port that can charge your phone or tablet. Nice. Oh, and it's Mossy Oak, too.

There battery in this monster of a folding chair is lithium and should be relatively easy to recharge quickly. At its highest setting, it will cook you up to around 131 degrees Fahrenheit. Sign me up for that.

I can envision this being a staple for the outdoor Casper sporting events. Our notorious wind might be a little less pervasive if you're backside is being toasted by this folding chair.

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