Do you remember what you were told as a kid about digging straight through the Earth and ending up in China? Science now says that was a lie.

I came across a website that helps you determine the antipodes of the city you’re in. What that means is it uses the coordinates of where you live and figures out the exact opposite side of the world from you. I had more fun with this than I should have.

I put in the coordinates for Casper and here’s where it said we’d end up if we dug straight through the Earth.

Antipodes Map/Leaflet/Open Street Map
Antipodes Map/Leaflet/Open Street Map

As you can see, the myth of ending up in China if you dig straight through the Earth under Casper is not true. You’d end up in the middle of the ocean between South Africa and Australia.

If you try this (please don’t, but if you do make sure you take video for us to share), the good news is there appears to be a somewhat volcanic island Grand Terre a short swim to the south. If you managed to get all the way through the Earth, that should be no problem. Good luck.

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