The Hometown Heroes Tour with Bret Michaels is coming to Casper on November 6. Part of the lineup includes Joe Nichols who visited with us about how he ended up getting connected to Bret Michaels.

Let's begin with the million dollar question. How did a country guy like you get hooked up with Bret Michaels?

Joe Nichols: "Actually kind of a surprising phone call I got from my manager one day. He said 'would you be interested in doing a few shows with Bret Michaels?' And, I'm like...are you sure it's me they're inquiring about? Kind of seems like an unusual pairing Bret coming from the rock world and me kinda being a real traditional guy...I'm very flattered and I thought sometimes interesting ideas like that really do work out well...I met Bret a couple of times...always a great guy...very good country knowledge."

Since the tour is called Hometown Heroes, who are some of your heroes?

Joe Nichols: "Everybody in the military, to me, is worthy of being hero status. All veterans kind of fit that bill. A lot of the women in my life are mostly my heroes. My wife is kinda my hero. She has been a champion of mine for a long time and has really done wonders in my life."

If you come to the show at the Casper Events Center on November 6, expect to see some very unique songs from Joe. A joke with his band about him being able to make anything sound country led to him performing "Baby Got Back".

Joe Nichols: "It's funny how far accidents can go...that totally was one of those things I thought would be funny for today. It kind of snowballed into something else and now we just do it in the show because we had a little bit of visibility with the video we did with Sir Mix-a-Lot and it was a fun deal."

You can see Joe Nichols along with Bret Michaels, Firehouse and Night Ranger on November 6 at the Casper Events Center. It's likely to be the most unique concert you'll ever attend.

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