Well, as I mentioned this morning, I can't believe that in my 3 years hear at My Country 95.5, my friend  Cowboy Troy & I have never officially had a "Karaoke Date"...lol. Now don't get all excited about me using the word "date"....yes I'm married and basically, Cowboy Troy is too...so we're just friends who both enjoy going out for a night on the town and singing for the masses( ok maybe not masses, but if you are lucky there might be able to count by tens)!  I usually manage to drag my husband Jim along as well...although Karaoke  definatly isn't something he loves...LOL!

My family has been telling me for years now that I am a ham...and there is no better way to ham it up than with some good old karaoke!  I am a singer,  but when I am at Karaoke, I don't hold much back, if one of my friends wants to hear me sing something, and I've never sung it before, I am pretty much game...but make no promises that it would be an "American Idol" performance!  I am also all about fun songs and hate it when people get up and sing nothing but love songs...sure does make for a boring night!

So  to follow suit with my friend Cowboy Troy....here are my top 11 karaoke song picks.

11)  “Hit Me With Your Best Shot" by Pat Benatar (Girl Power!)

10)  “Baby's got Back” by Sir Mix Alot (It’s awesome.  Girls come up & shake their butts and the entire crowd gets into it...back in the day I won a contest singing this at a local establishment...goal was to get the crowd involved in your song...oh yeah...I know how to win and yes I can rap it...lol!)

9)  “Watch Me” by Lorrie Morgan(It's sassy...and has much attitude my favorite kind to sing!)

8)  “Wrong Side of Memphis" by Trisha Yearwood (always a hit because everyone thinks I not only look like here but sing like her as well)

7)  “Before He Cheats" (always a crowd pleaser...much attitude!)

6)  “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry (The audience will help you out.  Plus...who doesn't like Katy Perry?)

5)  “Summer Nights”  from Grease (It’s fun, and it's  a duet...grab a partner & everybody sing along!)

4)  “Love Shack” by The B52's (Great song.  Crowd loves it. )

3)  “Strong Enough to Bend” by Tanya Tucker (the one song I sing because my BFF loves it...I sing it for her!)

2)  "If You're Not in it for Love" by Shania Twain (All about the atttitude...fun to work the crowd!)

1)  “455 Rocket” by Kathy Mattea  (My ultimate favorite.  It’s never let me down.  It covers a wide range and has a nice length.  If we should happen to cover this on the same night at the same place; prepare to lose.)  Yes...I stole that reason but fits perfectly for me as well!

Now...who's up for some Karaoke?  I know I always am...let's go sing!

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