Today, on its 68th anniversary, everyone at My Country 95.5 wishes to acknowledge, remember, and reflect on the crucial turn of events that took place on the European battlefront on June 6th, 1944. This would become forever known as D-Day. These actions would directly affect the course of World War II and set the stage for an allied victory against Adolph Hitler and the German Army.

The invasion, taking place on the coast of France, at Normandy, was the result of months of arduous planning.  Several different countries would contribute and storm five different beaches (Omaha, Juno, Gold, Utah, and Sword). More than 5000 ships or vessels and 13,000 aircraft were utilized. At the end of the day, over 9000 allied soldiers would be killed or wounded.

We encourage you to read the numerous accounts and obtain further information on this well researched and pivotal piece of American history.

As always, My Country salutes all of our brave men and women currently serving in the United States armed forces, our National Guard members and reservists, and our veterans who have served so valiantly in the past. We will never forget.