Many of us in Wyoming like to hunt. Duh. There's a new movie that takes that lifestyle another step further with the concept that our hunting is one of the things that unites us.

The movie is called Hunting Wyoming. Stan Bush shared this video that tells the story on Vimeo.

According to the official movie website, Hunting Wyoming was filmed entirely in the Washakie Wilderness. One of the story lines of the movie is the family who has dedicated their lives to providing guided hunts into that part of Wyoming.

It's no secret to those of us that live in Wyoming that many in the media try to stereotype those that hunt in ways that aren't always complimentary. Part of the stated mission of Hunting Wyoming is to show how much hunters care about conservation and wildlife.

There's also a natural connection to the land that only those who traverse its wilderness can truly appreciate and testify to. I've watched a good portion of this movie and that's definitely the overall vibe I got from what was shared.

The press release for the film said it's been submitted to the WYO Film Fest, The Wildlife Conservation Film Festival, & Banff for consideration for awards.

If you look close, you'll definitely spot some hunters from Casper who share their outdoor experiences.

Be sure to check out the official website and Vimeo channel to stay up to date with Hunting Wyoming. I consider it a must-watch.

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