Hey Diary!

Sorry if you've been feeling neglected lately. We're two short months away from "you know what" and my better half and I have been covering a lot of ground in spite of my nagging. We just want to make sure things are absolutely perfect the day I'm taken off the market.



I think I'll refer to this as the honeymoon stage of our wedding planning. It's going well! The biggest decisions have been made, and I think we actually have a moment to call our own. That said, I offer this. Having barely survived many of these planning tasks since asking her to bond with me, I know that the most I can really hope for is just a little calm before the bonding storm. I've watched too many movies to know that things never roll this smoothly! As soon as tomorrow morning's coffee sets in, we could have 20 emergencies that all need to be dealt with IMMEDIATELY. As I said before, it's been good, but I'm just counting down the days until...


I'll just rattle off a few of our latest victories.

I am now the owner of a wedding band. It pales in comparison to my future bride’s beauty, but it matches her ring and compliments my long skeletal fingers. I nearly cried (when I heard the price tag) when I tried it on for the first time. It's the only ring I've ever had, when you leave my high school class ring and various vending machine varieties out of the equation. I can't wait until I have to worry about losing it everyday! Seriously, it's sweet. It puts my gilded, tarnished, drama and music club reminding, forever classy Blue Zircon to shame. To shame!

I've got a tux, too! I don't want to give away too much, but we're officially known at the bridal shop as "that couple." If they had expected traditional, I'd say we met them half way...maybe. Sound right, Darling? In our defense, I'll proudly conclude that we brought laughter and merriment to what would have been a boring afternoon for those stressed-out females. Thank God we were there.

I really don't have much use for conventionality as you might've guessed, diary, so this party's on! I think you'd expect nothing less, right?

We've also visited our wedding location (beautiful). We've visited and confirmed the gentleman (and his parrot) who'll be uniting us (fantastic). We've confirmed the musical elements (cool friends with voices, guitars, and drums). We've made hotel arrangements for our guests (queen size). We've got cakes baking ( a go-go). We've visited a department store and added ourselves to their wedding registry (boring, until Honey let me have the bar code gun and we played Mission Impossible).




One of the funnest things besides getting to plan this whole soirée to the continual support and amusement of my wonderful bride-to-be, is being able to see all of our efforts coming together. Each day we take a step closer to the realization that our lives are becoming more and more about us and less and less about only ourselves. We happily accept this because we understand that we complete each other, and the results attained are magical. Is this what "bliss" feels like? :)

One last thing, diary. Please help spread the word that if you received an invitation, please take the time to RSVP. Don't make me get on the phone and start dialing you slackers! I had not counted on this extra chore!  See!  I was at peace two minutes ago. Just know the deadline has already passed and Honey is starting to think I misled her in estimating my popularity. So, if you please...

Two months to go. As the county's former Most Eligible Bachelor, I can hardly believe it. Then again, I can't picture my life going any other way. This is destiny, my friends! We'll see if it still feels that way when next we chat.

Oh! For my own amusement, I’ve decided to include a little video that should psych up any other cold feeters out there. It might seem bad for us at the moment, but I don’t think we'd want to end up like this poor fellow. The title says it all. Parental guidance is suggested. No refunds.