Sleepwalking must be one of the spookiest things to happen while you sleep. I can't imagine waking up and not being in the place I fell asleep. I've had friends with such bizarre sleepwalking stories that are hard to believe.

Studies show that 4% of adults have gone on a sleepwalking adventure. If you're sleeping in a place that's not familiar, sleepwalking could indeed be called an adventure and may result in harming yourself or those around you.

Experts aren't sure what causes sleepwalking, and triggers often differ from person to person. That means finding what your triggers are that cause you to sleepwalk. This lengthy process will be more straightforward if you keep notes and are observant when you have a sleepwalking episode.

Try these tips to ease sleepwalking triggers

  • Limit your TV and computer screen time
  • Avoid blue light by using the nighttime mode on your device, which will reduce the blue light.
  • Make your sleep space a calming atmosphere
  • Cut down on caffeine intake
  • Find a proper working routine

If sleepwalking has been an issue with you or someone you love, there are steps you can take to remain safe.

  • Clear large obstacles from the path you're most likely to take. Keep the room tidy and clear of problem areas.
  • Protect items that are valuable to you. If the items are breakable, store them safely away and in a secure spot.
  • Make sure everyone you live with that sleepwalking is an issue.
  • Always wear sleep clothing. Sleepwalking could likely take you to a location that isn't your bedroom or home. If you're in a location, like a hotel, that could put you in a public location, you'll be happy you're dressed.

There are many theories of whether or not you should wake a sleepwalker, but there is quite a bit of research that shows that it's ok to wake a sleepwalker if they are in danger or there is a risk of them putting others in danger. According to the professionals, it's best to lead them back to their original sleep location.

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