One of the hot topics around the radio station lately is having issues sleeping.

We know we're not the only ones having this problem, but for some of us, getting good sleep is detrimental for us to get our jobs done. I say some of us because there are people that can get a couple hours sleep and feel like they got a full night of sleep.

There are some pretty interesting suggestions on why we're having these sleeping issues. Some comical, some will make you think and some seem so far fetched that they may be true.

At points in our lives we will go through the insomnia phase, and it's irritating. When you're there, like we are now, it's hard on you and everyone around you. People aren't always pleasant when they're not getting the sleep they desire.

When researching the best ways to fight this horrible thing called insomnia, I found a list of 'Unusual Ways To Fall Asleep Naturally' from Mattress, and wanted to share some of the advice.

Maybe these suggestions can help you sleep better:

  1. Go Camping - Heck yes, sounds like the perfect idea. Leave your devices at home (or in the car) and let the natural lighting get your circadian rhythm on track
  2. Try to keep yourself awake - tell yourself that you're not going to sleep. Think about things like your day, what you have to do tomorrow, etc. Side Note: drinking coffee, alcohol or using devices isn't a good idea when you're trying to trick yourself. 
  3. Practice Breathing - hmmm...that seems odd, right? No, not normal breathing. Controlled breathing. Deep, slow breaths. Exhaling fully and slowly inhaling. Do this for 10-15 minutes and you should be ready for zzzzzzzz's.
  4. Don't Watch The Clock - Don't worry about the time. The best suggestion is hiding your clock, phone included, so time isn't on your mind.
  5. Story Time - Kids fall asleep to you reading a book, you can too. One tip that's passed along, is make sure the story is a fiction book. Non-fiction will put your mind into overdrive and make you think too hard.
  6. Do A Headstand - As odd as it sounds, people that have used the method say it works. They say that a new supply of blood goes to your brain, giving us better thinking and helps get rid of anxieties.
  7. One Nostril Breathing - This is getting goofy...BUT, some say closing your right nostril and breathing deeply through your left nostril is the key. The left nostril is the key to calm and relaxed.
  8. Squeeze Your Muscles - This technique is loosely related to going to a spa and getting a massage. After a massage you feel relaxed, and this method is the same. Start with curling your toes under, then curling your feet, then squeeze your muscles all the way up your body.
  9. Write It Down - One of the main causes of falling asleep is our mind. Thinking about everything and replaying it over and over. Writing down all your issues and things on your mind will supposedly get them out of the worry part of your brain.
  10. Eat Bupper (Breakfast for Supper) - Many of the breakfast items we eat, have certain nutrients that will help you fall asleep.

These 10 seem like ones I can get behind. If you try any of these, let me know how it does, or doesn't, work for you.

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