Ever wanted to soar like an eagle? For us humans, that's not gonna happen. But, thanks to a new video you can see what these majestic birds see when they're flying across the sky.

I spotted this trending on Digg. It's a sweet BBC Earth video that shows the perspective of a golden eagle named Tilly. She's a trained bird that had a special camera attached to her back.

As you'll notice, this video has a narrative describing what you're seeing. Tilly is flying over a mountainous part of Scotland. It mentions that she sometimes reaches speeds of over 150 mph when she's diving for prey. Incredible.

Part of Tilly's adventure shows what happens when she's harassed by two ravens. Spoiler alert: eagles aren't afraid of ravens (or anything else).

Tilly's owner is Lloyd Buck who has formed a relationship with this eagle for most of her adult life. Nice in this (hopefully) brief period of life where we are required to social distance and sometimes remain confined in our homes that we can at least virtually fly like an eagle.

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