Wyoming is blessed with wildlife. From moose, to bison, to eagles, the Cowboy State has a healthy ecosystem that allows a plethora of species to survive. In this video, there are a group of golden eagles feasting on a carcass. The photographer zooms in on a single bird as it scans its environment.


7 Fun Facts About Golden Eagles from the San Diego Zoo

  • While golden eagles are primarily solitary, they have been known to bathe in groups.
  • The female of the species is 40% larger than the male.
  • The Roman poet Aeschylus, known as the father tragic genre, was allegedly killed by an eagle. The story of his demise goes a eagle mistook his head for a rock. As eagles will drop tortoises to break their shell in order to eat, the tortoise fell on his head and killed him.
  • The juvenile bald eagle and golden eagle are very similar in appearance. The golden eagle has feathers on its legs whereas the bald eagle do not.
  • A group of eagles are called a convocation.
  • Although both the bald and golden eagles are protected animals, Native American tribes can use both their feathers and even their bodies as part of their traditional ceremonies.
  • The golden eagle is celebrated in many countries. In fact it is the national bird for Mexico, Albania, Germany, Austria and Kazakhstan.


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