Living the single life is different for everyone.

For some, it's all about nights out with friends, freedom, and adventure.

For others, it's about working their way up the corporate ladder and advancing your career.

And still more singletons live in the happy medium between staying focused on their career (and financial goals) and enjoying hitting the town with friends.

But, no matter what single life you prefer, it's going to take some cold hard cash to fund it.

In a recent article on they shared how much money a single person needs to "get by" in every state. Keep in mind that for the purposes of this article "get by" is defined as

The minimum income necessary for a single person to cover their living expenses and stay above the poverty line, without outside help, across the U.S.

So if you plan to lead the baller life you'll likely need a bit more cash than what the article says.

Good news for single people living in Wyoming...we fall in the lower range.

In Wyoming, the total required income before taxes is $27,425 with the estimated housing costs at $7,732 and the estimated food costs at $3,792.

Let's compare that to our neighbors to the south, Colorado.

In Colorado, the total required income before taxes: $34,000 and estimated housing costs are $11,583. Though the estimated food costs are the same as Wyoming's at $3,792.

There are few other states that are almost as low as Wyoming (or lower) like Ohio, South Dakota, and Mississippi...but I think we can all agree that they are nowhere near as cool as Wyoming.

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