Daytona 500

Daytona 500 Rescheduled For 5pm Monday Afternoon [PHOTOS]
Like millions of NASCAR fans around the world, I spent Sunday trying to wait out the rain.  Watching rain soaked interviews, awkward banter between commentators and race officials in the hopes that the Great American Race would get the green flag.  But it was all for not.
Daytona 500 (PHOTOS)
In what is debatably one of most exciting races in the history of the Daytona 500, Trevor Bayne brought the No. 21 Wood Brothers Ford to Gatorade Victory Lane in the 53rd annual Daytona 500 at Daytona International Speedway. Check out the pictures:
Trevor Bayne Makes Name For Himself!
Well...if you hadn't heard of him before todays' Daytona 500, you will be sure to hear about him now.  The 20 year old (barely 20...his birthday was yesterday) rookie held off the rest of the NASCAR Sprint Cup racers to take home to coveted title!