When I was 13 years old, all I wanted to do was play baseball and the occasional video game.  But today, I met two incredible young men who joined forces to create their own business and are giving a portion of their proceeds back to charity.

Meet Joel Hilde and Daniel Roberts, both are 13 and are being home schooled.  As part of their studies, these two energetic youth decided to start a business.  They discovered a product that they could create on their own and have started to expand their product line.  You can see some of the samples they brought in, below.

Joel and Daniel use paracord to make everything from key chains to dog leashes. Their company name is Frayed Knot Paracord and they started out making survival bracelets which incorporate a fire starter and a whistle in the clasp.  But honestly their is no limit to the items that they can make and they are learning new designs all the time. You can place a custom order and best of all you can get any item you want in your choice of colors.

They can even give you the clasp that fits your needs, from simple to a built in fire starter to a USB drive (guess which one I'm getting??).

From their wristbands and survival bands to paracord collars and leashes for your pets to key chains, zipper pulls and even corded watch bands, these two entrepreneurs not only are taking in custom orders but they are also working to give back to community charities.

These two men are currently on a mission to raise $1000 for a local breast cancer patient and want to help pay for some of her needs and treatment.

Be sure to stop in and see them at several upcoming craft fairs - including this weekend at the Ramada Plaza Riverside and again the following weekend at the craft fair up at the Casper Events Center.

<iframe width="100%" height="550" frameborder="0" src="//imgur.com/a/zYn8R/embed?background=292929&text=ffffff&link=4e76c9&thumbs=true"></iframe>

To learn more follow them on Facebook and be sure to check out their website - frayedknotparacord.ecwid.com

Good Luck to these two young businessmen from the Casper community!!