We know not to believe everything we see or read on the internet, but this video titled "Top 10 Best Restaurants in Douglas, Wyoming" is definitely a bit off.

I understand that anything labeled "Top 10 Best" is up for debate. After all, lists like this are often based on one person's opinion or a poll of random people, or even worse just someone using google to compile the list.

But when a video talking about the best restaurants in a city mentions Arby's that is definitely a red flag.

Yes, Douglas is a small town so there aren't a lot of dining options, but to claim that Arby's is in the top 10...excuse me but NO.

We did agree with some of the restaurants mentioned.

For example, we agree that The Depot Restaurant and Sapporo belong on the list.

And everyone knows that The Broken Wheel Truck Stop has the best breakfast.

What they call the Douglas Community Club is simply called the Golf Course by locals...

And why isn't Hog Ranch BBQ on the list?

Watch the video and then stick around so we can discuss this some more...

Another one they missed was The Iron Horse Deli and Grill. It's a family favorite for us, and where we usually stop when we are in town (or driving through town) for sports events.

And I forgot to mention that we agree with Friendz Pizzeria being on the list too.

But forget about what we think...what are your thoughts?

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