If you're afraid of heights, might want to pass this one by. There's a new video that shows the challenge and skill it takes to successfully scale Wyoming's Ten Sleep Canyon.

Gordon Banks just dropped this sweet video on Vimeo. The climbing part is breathtaking. NOTE: due to privacy settings on Gordon's Vimeo page, the embed doesn't work, but you can hit the link below to watch the video.

Climbing Ten Sleep Canyon from Gordon Banks on Vimeo.

In case you didn't know, Ten Sleep Canyon is located in the Big Horns. I did some research into some factors climbers deal with in this particular area and found a great Climbing.com story. It says that Charlie Kardaleff is the guy responsible for some of the bolts on the rock face which make some of these climbing routes possible.

Climbing.com also explained how hot some of these routes can get in the summer because of the position of the sun. Even though it says that much of Wyoming's wind is negated by its location, it still deals with much of our brutal weather.

This video that Gordon shared is made more special by one of their guys who got footage of the climbers with his drone. It definitely gives you an idea of the scale and the challenge that it takes to successfully claim Ten Sleep Canyon as one of your conquered climbs.

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